The Pieces of the Puzzle


Development shops are only effective when Annual Giving, Major Giving, and Planned Giving all work together internally and with all other areas of the organization. We work with you to put the puzzle together.

A Map for the Future


Fundraising without a plan is not development nor advancement. Successful fundraising demands a map. We work with you to develop a well thought out plan for the short-term, mid-term, and long-term.

The Right Direction


Most Advancement / Development Offices' compass need recalibrating periodically. Are you reaching your goals? Are your team's goals the right goals? .Does your team even understand their goals?

Results, For the LongTerm.


Want results? We want to help. Other firms promise results and might deliver in the present. However, we map a plan to make you successful for years in the future.

But What About Costs?


We're not like the other guys. Technically we are more like professional contract labor and less like consultants. And our fees are the lowest you'll find.




As you have already read, we are serious about making Non-Profits, Ministries, Churches, and Educational Institutions successful. And our strategies and methods are unlike any of the others. But the biggest difference you'll notice with us is that we actually work. Many firms expect a retainer to do minimal work; we roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty to continue to earn the trust you put in us and give you an excellent return on your investment.

Ready to Talk?

Let's do It!


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There is no obligation nor is there a high pressure sales pitch. We love helping non-profits and education institutions; the focus is on you, not us..

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