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Capital Campaigns are on steroids these days. It seems that organizations are attempting to outdo their peers at every corner. However, serious thought and planning should be utilized in the months preceding the campaign. Feasibility study or no feasibility study? What should our goal be? How long should the campaign last? All valid questions to consider. We are there to guide you through the process, step by step up through the silent phase. Once the announcement has occurred we are available for the day to day management or periodic status meetings if you need us.



Outsourced Development

Perhaps you are a small organization without ample development staff power or perhaps your organization is new to the development field. We can provide hands on moves management expertise as long as you need us... it is almost like you have a fully staffed development team.


Short-Term Shop Assistance

Maybe you are a large organization with ample staff but simply can't get out of the rut of the same moves with the same donors. We can help by coming into your shop and revamping your team's movement processes and meetings for as long as you need us, until your team finds its groove. Give someone fish or teach them to fish... we partner with you to teach them to fish.



Website Development and Maintenance

Our Website Design Team will set you up a site which matches your organization. We can even manage the content for you with updates on your schedule.


Social Media Setup and Sustainability Plan

Our team will set up social media accounts cross-platform and implement tools for you to seamlessly market your non-profit's efforts both manually and automatically.


Cross-Media Image and Presentation

We will develop an image that works from internet to paper to visual presentations.



Too often institutions devote most of their time and attention to external development preparedness while doing little or nothing to address internal development conditions. The Corley-Hamil Group works with your board and staff to assess your current donor activities and help you create stronger, donor-centered programs. Donors now more than ever are focusing on accountability and your institution’s ability to demonstrate the meaningful ways in which their gifts are being used. We will work with you to sharpen your skills and to measure the impact of your efforts.



Every organization has their own style and policies. We taylor training for your staff and board to fit your organization. A few of the training options we offer include:

  • Fundraising 101

  • Stewardship 101

  • Events 101

  • Impact Events

  • Effective Moves Management

  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Board in Development

  • Your Case for Giving

  • Mid-Range Donors: Your Missed Opportunities with Future Major Donor Prospects.

  • Successful Stewardship Workshop

  • People-Raising

  • Effectively Using Volunteers



VOIP Virtual PBX Phone Systems

Our Small Business Services division offers Virtual PBX phone systems for offices of any size. Our prices are ridiculously low, especially for Non-Profit Organizations. Talk with your Service Steward for more information.


Emsisoft Anti-Malware

We offer Emsisoft Anti-Malware at half price for Non-Profit Organizations. Emsisoft is continually rated as one of the top anti-malware / anti-virus programs in the industry. Talk with your Service Steward for more info.


O365 / Exchange Server Administration

Many of our organizations do not have system administrators. Our Office 365 / Exchange Server Administration service is provided as an add-on option to any of our other service contracts . Talk with your Service Steward for more information.


Discounted & Donated Items for 501(c)3 Organizations

Did you know that most 501(c)3 organizations qualify for discounted and donated items? There is actually significant savings on many things your organizations probably already purchases and utilizes. We can get you started on the road to savings by helping you learn how to navigate these waters. This service is included as a bonus with any other service contract, but may be purchased separately without any other services.

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