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Outsourced Development

by Jim C Hamil, Managing Principal

Recently we've noticed increased popularity in our Outsourced Development product. Outsourced Development involves us coming into your organization, understanding your needs, meeting with your board, and creating a solid plan of development which we will do on your behalf. Depending on your organization it can involve any combination of major gift fundraising, corporate fundraising, foundation grant applications, board fundraising, and annual giving pushes.

The reason behind the popularity of this product varies by organization.

  • Need Help Getting Started. Some organizations haven't really ever focused time on development and want to take the first step. We work with the organization to give them a starting place product they can afford, gradually building their development program to a point they can either afford to hire someone full time or upgrade to a larger product with us.

  • Part Time Help. Many organizations have some development work in place, but don't have enough to hire a full-time staff person. We contract with these organizations on a set number of hours per month.

  • Cost of Employees. Some organizations want to limit their employee liablity. Let's face it, in the modern day employees are expensive. Outsourcing your development needs to us lowers your employee liability.

How can we help your organization exceed its goal?

Jim C Hamil is the Managing Principal of The Corley-Hamil Group and has a combined 22 years of vast experience in institutional advancement and not-for-profit development with a consistent track record of exceeding goals. He is a pioneer in the idea of Outsourced Development and in the practice of Proactive Stewardship in Institutional Advancement, conducting seminars and workshops on the subjects from coast to coast.

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