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First Engagement Conversations

We just finished a very large, detailed website for a client. One of my friends heard me discussing this and asked "Your firm is a non-profit consultant firm, specializing in development. Why are you doing websites?" The answer is quite simple: development is about relationships and relationships with organizations begin somewhere, many times from a non-human communication piece.

Your brand is very important in your fundraising success. Yes, development is about relationships, but when someone is researching your organization in modern times their first place to look will almost certainly be your website.This is not only the place to tell about your organization, it's the place to demonstrate your impact.

The website we just finished has a lot of words because there is a lot to communicate. But more than words are many slideshows of faces...faces that are impacted by the wonderful organization we designed the website for. Would your potential new donors be drawn in by your marketing and communications? Do you demonstrate IMPACT in everything you publish?

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